Commercial Relocation



Medical and Laboratory Facilities

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 IT Services

 PC Disconnection and Reconnection

Cable Management

Skilled Technicians

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Cubicle Services

Disassemble and Reassemble Cubicles


Skilled Installers

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Climate-Controlled Storage 

New 4,000 sq. ft. warehouse


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Stress-Free Experience

We want to create a stress-free and professional experience when moving offices, warehouses, medical facilities, and laboratories in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas. We will work with your move coordinator to ensure that the move is aligned with your corporate culture or whatever makes your business an amazingly unique enterprise.



Unique Solutions

Our services are divided into  commercial relocation (offices, warehouses, labs, and medical facilities), IT services, and Cubicle Services in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas. We treat all our clients as individuals and don’t think a one-sized-fits-all solution will work. We’ll help you develop a customized plan to your unique position. No job is too big. 



Quality Over Quantity

We believe in hiring only the very best Project Managers, drivers, supervisors, moving crews, PC Technicians, and Cubicle Installers. We conduct a national background check through AWSI, perform random drug testing through Concentra, and conduct training sessions with all employees to ensure that your relocation is a success beyond your wildest dreams.


Our Leaders

Determined to make the commercial moving industry better in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas, Corporate Relocators was formed to create a stress-free and professional move for its customers in the commercial world, industrial and warehouses, and health care industry. With an amazing assortment of contacts in the office moving and legal industry, Connie Carter and Les Badgett created a dynamic company of salesmen, movers, IT technicians, and cubicle installers who were able to take a small business in hand and turn it into a growing, dynamic powerhouse.


  • Connie Carter
  • Owner and President

  • Les Badgett
  • VP of Operations and Sales

  • Mike Becerra
  • General Manager
  • Sales Manager